Vision - Ethos

Our landscapes, whether urban, rural or private gardens, can have the capacity to inspire in different ways, at different times. They should be a valued resource for the human psyche.  Inspiring places are allowed to mature and achieve longevity when this value is appreciated by all those who use them and by those with the foresight to perceive their need at the outset and provide them.

It is proven that well formed, vivid and balanced public realm plans, integrated early in feasibility, master-planning and urban design stages, will significantly enhance the efficacy of development proposals.  It is further shown to be beneficial in ensuring sensibly coordinated design with the architecture and infrastructure; when the 'vision' of the design not only captivates the imagination of the Client but the whole design team, then the places have already become inspiring . . .

It follows, then, that

Curves Project Design

seeks to
design inspiring places
, and does so by addressing the fine balance between aesthetics, ethics and function at all stages of the design process.  Consequently, when called upon to provide solutions for improving under-valued existing public spaces, our philosophy is to 're-address' the balance.
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